Camp Marketing Made Easy.

AT LAST! A proven marketing strategy delivered to you monthly to help you get results year after year.

A Proven Marketing Strategy

a step-by-step monthly guide built on a retention and referral model

Camp Marketing Network

lean on other camp marketers who have the same challenges

Valuable Coaching & Downloads

specifically designed with the busy camp professional in mind

You know marketing is necessary; unfortunately, it can drain your time, your energy, and your budget.

Beyond the sheer number of projects you juggle during the year, marketing is one area of responsibility that can make the best marketers scramble. Keeping up with trends, algorithms, social media, communication and all-things-marketing can drain hours in your day. And you don’t have the time or the money to waste.

The problem seems overwhelming, doesn’t it? So overwhelming, in fact, that – no matter how hard you try – you’re not sure what efforts are actually producing results.

We felt that way too, at first.

But, one thing is clearer now than ever before:

There is a way to build a smart marketing plan around retention and referral that gets your marketing to a place where it works as hard as you do. You should be in control of your time and money.

A smart marketing plan turns your efforts into results.

Join the Camp Marketing Made Easy platform and gain control of your time and money.


We deliver a monthly step-by-step guide and checklist that’s part of a comprehensive proven strategy for the whole year.



The best marketers don’t go it alone. Gain access to coaching and a community of other camp marketers ready to swap best practices.


Within the guide are traction points and valuable course videos, plus templates and downloadables to fuel your efforts each month.


Know you’re working on exactly what you should be working on each month. Your efforts in the fall will produce results in the spring and victory by the summer.

We get it. We’ve been in your shoes.

With over two decades of camp marketing experience, we understand your challenges firsthand and know what it’s like to juggle a full plate on a very slim budget. 

We built this subscription service because we wish we had it when we were in your shoes.

We believe camp changes lives. With 24+ years of field-tested experience, we built a retention and referral strategy that helped us grow camp year after year.

Once we share it with you, we know you’ll not only get kids to camp, but you’ll be watching your waitlists grow!

Ready, Set, Go.

Camp Marketing Made Easy is affordable, manageable and fun (just like camp marketing should be!)


Get access

Jump on the CMME platform to access videos, downloads, templates and the camp marketing community.



Your monthly guide plus the CMME community will help you prioritize your efforts leading up to camp.


Rest easy knowing your efforts today will pay off in the summer, and you’ll be celebrating a job well done.

What veteran camp industry people are saying.

I had a front row seat watching this team of ladies grow camp. They understand their customer. They understand strategy. They understand how the creative process fits into the overall picture of marketing a product. They are focused. They produce results. And I enjoyed every minute of working with them.

Keith Beasley
Owner, Clayton Everett Design

When it comes to marketing camp, these two women can implement at all levels. From big picture strategy, to understanding the numbers, to executing big and small projects, I trust their marketing wisdom. In fact, we use their marketing plan along with consulting to guide our marketing efforts today. Best part – I don’t have to spend time worrying about marketing. That frees me to focus on other areas of running this camp. 

Dudley Callison
President, T Bar M Camps

Year after year I watched Alice and Randi Beth leverage personalized print technology to speak individually to their campers and families.  Our whole staff enjoyed working with these ladies, making their creative ideas become a reality.  For more than a decade we have seen them successfully build solid relationships with campers.  It has been even more exciting to see that same success achieved by other clients who have followed their example!

Tim Beach
President, Register Graphics

custom  Camp Marketing Workshops

You like getting things done in a concentrated period of time. Great! Let’s get together and work through a marketing plan that will put you on the road map to success.

We come to you and work through the CMME system over a 2-3 day timeframe.

Dates are limited, so let’s talk soon so we can get a date on the calendar get you started! Submit an inquiry email with you details to start the conversation.

What if your marketing plan actually reflected the hard work you put in every day?

At Camp Marketing Made Easy we know you want to celebrate a full camp by using marketing efforts that produce results. In order to do that, you need a proven retention and referral marketing plan that works year after year.

The problem is you have a lot to juggle whether it’s within marketing or the other hats you wear (because we know camp people do).

The truth is …

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… good marketing requires effort. And it feels like there’s not enough hours in the day to manage everything you need to accomplish. This leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated and drained.

We believe every camp marketer deserves a smart marketing plan that works as hard as they do.

We understand because we’ve been in your shoes. With 24+ years of field-tested camp marketing experience, we built a retention & referral strategy that helped us grow our camp year after year.

Get access to Camp Marketing Made Easy today! You can stop spending hours and money you don’t have on marketing that you’re not sure works. And instead, enjoy the peace of mind knowing your labors throughout the year will produce fruit in the summer.

You’ll be watching your camp fill and waitlist grow.


Here are some common questions about Camp Marketing Made Easy.

How much time will each month’s checklist take to complete?

You’re busy. We get it. We are here to help you … not bog you down with unnecessary projects.

[keep reading but know there’s a free gift at the end of this response]

Expect to take about an hour to review each month’s Guide, watch the course videos, and review the downloads. Courses will drop the first business day of each month.

Executing the plan will depend on your camp’s size and the support you may or may not have. We recommend using the checklist to plan that month’s marketing efforts. Expect the fall and winter months to take more time to complete. That’s on purpose. The work in the Fall will help you save time in executing projects in the busy spring months.

If you’re one of those camp professionals that wears many hats, we recommend setting aside several days each month to complete your checklist. Take advantage of the downloads and templates. They were built with you in mind.

If you’re one of those camp professionals that works with a team, we know you’re busy too! Our plan is meant to be developed as deep as your resources allow. It is also meant to keep you and your team focused.

FREE GIFT: If you are like us and use a daily planner to help keep you on task, take a look at our DAILY PLANNER sheet. After using dozens of different planners, we took the best from them all and designed our own daily planner. Here’s a quick video to show you how we use it.

What will I learn from the live coaching events each month?

We will stick to the topics around each month’s focus. We will give more insight to the why’s behind the projects and how you can avoid the pitfalls when you stray from the plan.

This will also be a time for us to share collective learning from other camps along with new trends on the horizon you need to know.

And bring your questions. If we don’t have a good answer, we will go find an answer for you and post it for all to see.

What if I have a question about executing the checklist?

We want to hear from you! Email anytime at or grab a 15-minute phone call with one of us through Calendly.

How is CMME different from other camp professional services?

We are ONLY camp marketing … and we think that is a PLUS for you! Many times in the past, we would go for professional camp development and marketing was always one of many other areas to cover like facilities, safe plans, programming, etc. But what we really needed was a full day or two of just marketing talk. Or what marketing strategies other camps were using. Don’t get us wrong, there were lots of ideas about doing social media, referral programs, digital advertising, etc. but never an over arching marketing plan. That’s what we had to figure out on our own. And that’s what we are excited to share with our CMME community!

What type of marketing knowledge/professional skills do I need to execute this plan?

If you believe in the programs your camp offers and the impact camp has on kid’s lives, then you are a natural marketer!

Yes … marketing requires writing skills and basic computer skills, but that’s much easier to teach than teaching the heart to believe in what camp does in the lives of kids. Our plan is a framework you can use to tell your story to others. Our templates and downloads will help you tell your story in a way that will compel campers to come year after year.

We will also share the tools we use to make us look good. With a little effort, they will make you look good too!

What if I don’t see something in your marketing plan that works in my plan?

Don’t stop doing it!

The fact that you know WHAT works is better than what many professionals know regardless of what they are marketing. Working through our framework may bring clarity to WHY your efforts are working and how you can repeat that success in other areas of our framework.

What if I need more help?

Let’s talk and we will see what kind of help you need. If we can’t help you, we know people who can!

How does the camp marketing community help me?

Peer learning helps us see new ways to accomplish similar tasks. My best learning came from meeting with other camp marketers. But with travel expense and time away from the office, it was hard to do consistently. Our desire is to use this platform to gather us so we can learn from each other without sacrificing the time and money. We fully expect to learn something from each of you and excited to provide a place to share our struggles and victories filling camp.

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